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Thursday, August 18, 2011

through the marshes and a winner

We had a wonderful sunny weather on the last three days here, on my beautiful island . I couldn't resist to make a long  bike ride.I went to the marshes , where everything is so quiet and beautiful.I had the chance to see storks , herons and egrets.
Then i crossed vineyards where the grapes where almost ripe.After work my husband my daughter and i went to the beach to swim ,have picnic  and see the sunset.
Well after weeks of bad and dark weather i felt almost depressive ( and who wouldn't? :)) and now i feel
much better.

And now i have the plaisure to announce that the Sassafras Sunshine Broadcast Giveaway winner is
Please e-mail me your adress so that i can send you prize :)
I hope you all are having a great summer!
Take care:)

1 comment:

Rachel M said...

I'm glad you're feeling happier now. It's not a nice feeling when it's gloomy everyday. I hope the sun keeps shining for you. :)


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