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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Self portraits

First of all i did not like making  self portrait photos.May be i was afraid to look like  pretentious or a personn only concerned by herself.
I never had the same problem when drawing my self altough.

Self portrait inspired by Klimt masterpiece 

Well  i changed my mind because i feel now that self portraits are a way to do introspection.A way to analyze my thoughts and feelings.
And i am always looking for tips for taking better self portraits.I  read a great post  about it  yesterday

And you what are your thoughts and feelings about self portraits?


Rachel M said...

I read that same post, it was very interesting. I've always been camera shy. I really feel I should start taking more photos of myself, not just for myself but so my children and grandchildren have something to look back on. I nearly always seem to be missing from photos at family events and days out because I always say "oh no, don't take my picture!". I think it's time I changed things! :)

Leïla Bentahar ( lilibee ) said...

I agree with you Rachel.Taking photos of ourselves is a way to leave a memory of us for our families.And i can't wait to see all the beautiful selfportraits you are going to make!:)


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