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Friday, February 11, 2011

Scrap me Brazil

If you want to get to know me more go to Scrapme .They made an interview about the way i scrapbook , my inspirations ..etc.
The interview is in portuguese .And probably many of you do not understand portuguese so you can use Google Translate.
Take care :)


Rachel M said...

Great interview. I wish I'd taken more notice in my language lessons at school, like you! Thank goodness for Google translate! Hope you have a nice weekend. :)

Leïla jezequel said...

Thank you Rachel!!Well altough i speak several languages , i don't speak portuguese ( i understand it a little ).Nayda from Scrapme did a great job when translating the interview!

Claudia Ventura said...

I loved your projects and your interview at ScrapMe!


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