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Monday, February 14, 2011

crafty monday

Hi!I am busy today.Next friday is Carnival day at my daughter's school.Thepast two years she was dressed up as a fairy or a princess ( as most of the little girls isn't it:)).
But this year , no more fairies or princesses!!She wants to dress up as a WOLF!!
My daughter 's woolf books i was inspired by

The costume sketches ( remember my 2011 resolution :))
The mask and the tail
I bought faux fur fabric and grey felt then i draw the tail.
I will sew it then i will attach it to the leggings or to a belt .I am not sure of what exactly i am going to do.The mask seems top be more dificult to do.
I will show you the costume once it is finished very soon
Take care :)


Rachel M said...

I can't wait to see it finished, sounds fun. :)

Carol said...

is that a sketch of the wolf by you? wow it looks very nice! me too I can't wait to see the costume! You are so amazing.

Leïla jezequel said...

I sketched the wolf Carol.


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