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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Utterly Engaged Magazine feature!

Hi!LilibeeStudio is featured on Utterly Engaged the 1st Online Wedding Magazine.I just can't believe that  the Circus Pop book , photographed by Jessica from Jessica Monich Photography is on the most important  online wedding magazine Home page.Well i was so happy that i wanted to share with you.
Bonjour!LilibeeStudio est sur la page de garde d' Utterly engaged  le 1er magazine  en ligne de mode et d' inspiration sur le mariage.Et vous savez quelle importance ont ces  magazines aux US.Le mariage est une véritable institution là bas!! Je n'arrive pas à croire que mon album Circus Pop book
Photographié par Jessica from Jessica Monich Photography  est sur leur page de garde!Voila je vouslais juste partager cela avec vous

The Home page
page de garde

50’s Carnival inspired inside page.
Article interieur
Take care :) 


Domenico said...

Come on. It was only a matter of time before someone with your talent would make it on a cover of anything. Seriously, I see big things in your future. You're a gift to us all. Congratulations (although I'm not that surprised).

lilibee said...

Thank you domenico;You are making me blush!


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