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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Celebrating Mother's day !

Being a mom is the most wonderful experience i had in my life and i cherish 
every single moment i lived since that day .
I hope i will keep this memories in my heart for ever.
Tomorrow is mother's day and  i wanted to celebrate it with you.The last days , i have been picking beautiful supplies and puting them all together to create project kits specialy for this occasion:
      Mother's Day aqua pink and yellow scrapbooking project kit



I hope you will enjoy celebrating this spécial day .Take care :)

Pour les françaises et  pour  feter  les mamans ( le 3juin prochain  ) j'offre un atelier mini album popup pour l'achat d'un des deux kits présentés en début de ce post et que vous pouvez trouver dans ma boutique française ALittleMarket.A trés bientot :)

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