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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Behind the scene photos

Hi everyone!I feel a little bit difficult to keep on working this week.We were at my in laws 40 years wedding celebration .We had a lot of fun but it was a little bit tiring.So i started the week very slowly trying to work on new stuff.
You can see above what happens behind the scene at LilibeeStudio. Well altough i love  to see ( scrapbooking ) bloggers studio photos , i am not really comfortable when i post such photos.May be because i think that most of you come here to see  new projects and get scrapbooking inspiration.But any way it's fun to post  about my space work from time to time. 
Take care :)


Rachel M said...

It's great to see behind the scenes photos even your work space looks bright and colourful. How is your new house coming along by the way?

Leïla Bentahar ( lilibee ) said...

The house is growing.I will post photos very soon!


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